Evolving the eCommerce Experience

Our tailored approach pairs rigorous research with exceptional design to create experiences that are good for customers and businesses.

Research & Design

Redesigning a real estate platform for Green Street

We transformed Green Street’s existing SaaS platform into a customer-centric experience for B2B users through a complete redesign and new product launch.

Understanding the Health & Wellness Customer

We’re enabling customers to connect with new and established wellness brands by bringing their values to life.

Practice Areas

  • eCommerce

    End-to-End eCommerce services.

  • Design & Branding

    Customer centric design for digital products & eCommerce brands.

  • UX/UI

    Research driven user experience design.

  • Shopify Engineering

    Traditional and Headless engineering solutions.

  • Strategy

    Go-to-Market & growth strategy.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Performance marketing solutions to quickly grow your DTC brand.

“Blank and Co. has been a true full service partner, enabling us to launch and grow our DTC business by leaps and bounds. Their best in class marketing strategy and execution has increased our sales by over 100% in just 3 months. We're excited to see what comes next!”

-Chad Somers, Vice President DTC at Hylands Naturals

Research-Driven Commerce Solutions


What are your areas of focus?

We are a full-service design agency. Our core focus is creating the best UX/UI design for digital products, eCommerce websites, Shopify Plus, mobile apps, or AR/VR experiences. To achieve this, we need to be proficient at various key capabilities. We start with user research to understand the needs of the customer. Once we have a user perspective and clarity, we begin the post-research work, including design, information architecture, content strategy, and branding. As a website design agency, we are motivated to see our clients grow their businesses and are thus masters at SEO and digital marketing as well.


What industries do you serve?

Since we are a user experience agency, it does not matter what the industry is. Our research-driven process allows us to get clarity on any subject matter, and we are able to action that expertise for any industry. Having said that, we have worked on projects for direct-to-consumer eCommerce, consumer goods, NFT games, the media industry, meditation and wellness, hospitality, consumer goods, real estate, finance, accounting, business services, and much more.


What does your design process look like?

Our design process starts with conducting user interviews and user research. We then take our findings and prioritize the results into clear, actionable tasks. Our UX designers use these tasks to design goal-oriented user journeys and prototypes, which we iterate on to get just right. We perform usability testing on all our work to make sure it meets the desired goals and needs of the customers.


What user research methods do you use?

We use a variety of methods to get the answers we require. Some methods we use frequently are contextual inquiry, user interviews, surveys, service blueprints, and user journey mapping. For every project, we assign a lead UX designer and researcher who work together and, through their process, decide which methods we need to implement.


How does a journey map impact your direct-to-consumer eCommerce website?

We use our proprietary user research process to map every direct-to-consumer touchpoint. This allows us to ensure that we serve your customers along their purchase journey with the most relevant content and help transform the business to the best of its ability.

We also use user research findings in our marketing, content strategy, and SEO. Our ability to truly understand your users gives us a leg up on all aspects of the direct-to-consumer eCommerce work we do.


What is service design, and how do you use this method?

The service blueprint process is one of the most successful tools in our kit. It enables us to guide our customers toward a successful digital transformation as it gives us a clear understanding of an organization’s setup under the hood.


What makes you different?

What really makes us different is our investment in user research and our commitment to continue learning so we can always keep our projects ahead of the curve. We continue to improve our processes and introduce new methods of working as the website design agency landscape changes.

We always bring a multi-disciplinary team to the project so that no part is left behind. Researchers, UX/UI designers, and content and brand strategists work together to bring your product or experience to life.


What do your services cost?

We typically charge for projects on a per-project basis, which is calculated based on our hourly rates per resource. Please get in touch with us to receive our rate card and discuss your project for a completely scoped-out rate.