Expertly curated home goods dropshipped to your door.

Expertly curated home goods dropshipped to your door.

Afternoon Light is a new home goods and furnishing startup committed to bringing a curated shopping experience at scale to a diverse audience.

In a market saturated with home goods retailers, Afternoon Light aims to bring a missing aesthetic sensibility to the table.

We created a growth focused eCommerce experience that would seamlessly incorporate editorial content and curated shopping.

“Blank & Co is known for its track record of defining and launching the world’s best digital experiences — especially in retail. That’s why we chose them to help improve engagement with our customers across e-commerce, mobile shopping and in-store experiences.”

-Minya Quirk, Co-Founder, Afternoon Light

Our Approach

Our initial approach was to create a data driven user journey, optimized for conversion and growth. We made sure that the content strategy was designed with the audience and SEO in mind from day one.  These basic foundational ideas allowed us to find our marketing cadence more quickly after launch.

Key Takeaways

  • Performance Marketing
  • User Experience Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Shopify Plus Engineering
  • Dropshipping and Jetti Integration

Performance Marketing

Conversion Focused

We built an intent based Omni-channel architecture that was extremely effective in bringing Afternoon Light to customers searching for the most unique home goods. We used Meta, Google and programmatic display as the foundation to deliver fast paced growth.  Our continued work with Afternoon Light is allowing this exciting new brand to grow exponentially.

Launch Metrics



Growth in M1



Reduction in CAC



Increase in AOV

User Experience Design

Filtering Possibilities

For Afternoon Light, personalization is possibility. They aim to offer users the ability to filter home products in a multitude of ways.

This can be complex for a dropship platform, as data is pulled from thousands of stores. Our engineers worked diligently to implement a robust filtering UI to arm users with curatorial power.

Content Strategy

Stories and Shopping

We built a hierarchical, data-driven content plan to support the brand launch, which also granted Afternoon Light the ability to create unique content.  The founders had numerous ideas and were eager to represent the brands they supported in the best way possible.  Our goal was to make the most of their exceptional ability to create culturally relevant content by optimizing it for search and weaving it into the shopping experience.

Dropshipping with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

We built a scalable architecture that allowed a small team the freedom to create content that expressed their “outside-the-box” creative mindset. We utilized Shopify and Shogun to make this possible without compromising conversions or speed.

Jetti Integration

Our engineering team integrated the Jetti app and built custom large item shipping and payment integrations with Shopify plus. They also built a custom payment integration with Stripe so vendors could be paid directly from Jetti.

Oversized Shipments

We integrated custom 3PL APIs so customers could view the shipping cost for oversized items before issuing payment.


We met weekly with the founders and the growing Afternoon Light team to help solve the complexities of a global drop-ship experience. Our engineers collaborated with Shopify Plus and Jetti to build multiple third-party integrations to support the shopping and brand experience.

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