Migrating away from Headless in favor of native Shopify Plus.

Migrating away from Headless in favor of native Shopify Plus.

Vesync is a publicly traded company and a trusted name in the home appliance market. Their products, such as the Levoit air purifier, can be found at major retailers across the world.

Under the Vesync umbrella are well-known brands: Cosori, Levoit, and Etekcity. Each of these brands sells its home appliances directly to consumers through their own dedicated websites using a Shopify Plus headless architecture. The challenge for Vesync was that the headless architecture was becoming increasingly harder to maintain, and marketing efforts were harder to execute.

Vesync partnered with Blank and Co. to rebuild the sites using a native Shopify architecture that performed significantly better than their previous headless offering.


Our Approach

We implemented a native Shopify theme using Shopify CLI, enabling us to move swiftly as we constructed a component-based architecture for reuse across the site. The core technologies employed included Liquid, Shopify native APIs, native JavaScript with web components and custom elements, and Tailwind CSS.

Subsequently, we developed numerous marketing components atop this architecture for all three sites, significantly reducing Go-to-Market launch times to weeks instead of months.

Key Takeaways

Design System

  • Engineering: Adoption of Headless E-commerce Architecture
  • Optimized Digital Performance
  • Customer-Centric User Experience Approach
  • Data Driven Approach
  • Component-Based Design System