Building an app for guided sound meditation.

Building an app for guided sound meditation.

We were asked by a leading meditation master to design a sound meditation app that would bring their teachings to a larger audience, allowing people to meditate with sound in a whole new way.

They needed a platform that provided thoughtful aesthetic value, without taking away from the intention of using meditation as a resource.

We designed an app that enhanced this strong foundation of meditation offerings by merging them with soothing color coded visuals and, user-friendly design.

Our Approach

We began by exploring the relationship between sound and color. Because they are true companions and reinforcers of each other’s properties, they have great potential to enhance the meditation experience. In order to test this hypothesis, we worked to successfully generate unique colors for each sound meditation.

Working alongside a handful of teachers, we set out to test every meditation and its accompanying color by running it through a generative prototype using

Sound meditation app

Key Takeaways

  • Design System
  • Visual Design
  • Prototype

Design System

Inspired by Meditation

We found the generative approach interesting, but it did not match the color intention of the prescribed meditations. To improve the quality of the experience we decided to move forward with a more art-directed and deliberately chosen color system.

Design system



Our initial assumptions were quickly prototyped using to allow users and stakeholders to test the integral components of the application. We then conducted usability tests through screen recordings to find any gaps in our expectations and designs.


The app was designed for those already knowledgeable about sound meditation. It aims to acquire these experienced users first, then grow into a resource for users who need more guidance.

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