A bold and powerful experience for a women-centric brand.

A bold and powerful experience for a women-centric brand.

Her place. is a women-centered brand, cultivating a safe and empowering environment for women to explore and support their sexual health.

Traditionally, resources for women that positively aid and foster agency, in their sexual health journey have been few and far between. Her place.’s aim was to create a brand experience to fill the gap.

In close collaboration with the Her place. team, we developed a more intent-driven, customer-centered eCommerce experience to present brand offerings and build an emboldened community.


Our Approach

Her place. celebrates sex positivity and equips women to take care of themselves on their own terms. A successful launch required telling a brand story that captured both their tangible offerings and the community they foster.

As a result of the pandemic, product was delayed ahead of launch. This unexpected setback was an opportunity to highlight their brand purpose and garner brand affinity. We landed on an execution that invited women in by featuring personal narratives as a central component of the pre-launch site.

Key Takeaways

  • Balance of Aesthetics and Conversion
  • Visual Direction and Design
  • Content Strategy and Keyword Research
  • Empowering the Marketing Team with the Right Tools

Balance of Aesthetics and Conversion

Branded Design

Her place. came to us with a compelling brand identity that we transformed into a dynamic eCommerce experience.

We worked closely with the in-house team to elevate the customer experience. Together, we utilized animation, gifs, video banners, and other visual elements to bring their captivating identity to life.

These intentional design elements were also implemented to create an easier path to conversion and drive repeat purchases via subscription.

Visual Direction and Design

Immersive Journeys

A personal brand like Her place. required us to think about the experience we wanted to present to their customers. Our research led us to create a more immersive and intimate design that invited users into the content, allowing them to feel closely connected to the brand.

Content Strategy and Keyword Research

Keyword Optimized Storytelling

With personal narratives as a content focal point, we had to ensure that these stories were discoverable by the right audience.

Elaborate competitive analysis and keyword research provided the insight needed to create clear pathways to Her place.’s powerful and moving content.

A/B Testing

We leveraged a testing-driven approach with the help of Shogun’s page builder to better understand what elements users found most compelling.

Empowering the Marketing Team with the Right Tools

Ease of Use

Early on, we identified the critical need for an easy-to-update site to support Her place.’s small and agile marketing team. We utilized a page-builder that allows their team to edit quickly and create custom components as needed.

Email Engagement

We provided users an opportunity to stay connected with the brand and the respective content stories through email. Using the Klaviyo email service, we designed a series of journeys for new customers to learn about the brand and engage beyond their initial visit.

Blank & Co. met weekly with Her place. and their branding agency to immerse in the essence of the brand. We then transformed the brand DNA it into a conversion-focused, eCommerce experience.

Get in Touch

If you want to learn more about our work with Her place., please email us at hello@blankandco.com.