Research-driven eCommerce growth.

Research-driven eCommerce growth.

Hyland’s is a leading natural medication and supplement company uncompromising in developing formulations that are effective, reliable, and safe for the body.

With a century of experience, they saw an opportunity to reinvent themselves as a modern supplements brand. Through this transition, Hyland’s wanted to ensure they appealed to their loyal customer base and attracted new audiences in search of premium wellness products.

We ushered Hyland’s into this brand transformation with a strategic growth marketing strategy and user-informed redesign to bolster the brand and empower existing and future users in their search for healing products.

Our Approach

A user-research approach allowed us to gather our most valuable brand insights right from the source. We were able to better understand brand perception and value in the eyes of both current and future customers.

Armed with this data, we could ensure existing customers were not left behind and ascertain what would inspire new customers to choose Hyland’s as their supplement brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Performance Marketing
  • A Data-Driven Approach
  • A Customer-Centered User Experience
  • Component-Based Design System
  • Content Strategy and Brand Voice
  • Engineering: Shopify Plus for Optimized Speed
hylands naturals

“Blank and Co. has been a true full service partner, enabling us to launch and grow our DTC business by leaps and bounds. Their best in class marketing strategy and execution has increased our sales by over 100% in just 3 months. We're excited to see what comes next!”

-Chad Somers, Vice President DTC at Hylands Naturals

Growth Metrics



Year over year growth.



Reduce in CAC



Increase in ROAS

Performance Marketing


Following a successful launch, we developed an omni-channel growth strategy that covered all paid channels, email, and SEO, to target new audiences.

We also developed an influencer strategy to drive brand awareness for new, younger consumers.

Our growth team designed assets and executed campaigns across channels, tracking results and tweaking performance on a weekly basis.

What our mobile designs look like for Hylands naturals

A Customer-Centered User Experience

User Experience Design

We redesigned the website by prioritizing the content to appeal to the 4 different customer categories: Kids, Babies, Adults, and Athletes.

A Data-Driven Approach

User Research

Hyland’s had to appeal to its existing and future customers in a way that honored the brand’s heritage while positioning them seamlessly within the modern world.

We ran a series of initial surveys of existing customers, selected participants for more in-depth interviews, and fielded interviews with potential customers. This specified user-research helped us understand the motivation of both existing and future users.

Research Deliverables

  • 15 recorded interviews with results plotted on a user research Miro board to aggregate responses
  • Created clusters of identified attributes important to users who purchase natural supplements
  • Used clusters and relative topics to develop site content and prioritization
  • Ran a series of surveys to validate the findings from the user interviews

Content Strategy and Brand Voice

Keeping It Conversational

Hyland’s needed a unified tone of voice to make the brand more approachable, conversational, and SEO friendly.

Our brand and content team utilized the user research results to define our audiences and establish a clear voice tailored to both audience needs and Hyland’s overall brand vision.

SEO and Keyword Research

Informed by an in-depth competitor analysis, we conducted an extensive keyword research strategy and SEO planning. This helped to ensure that content allows search engines to present the most relevant and effective search results.

Content design



Subscriptions are a win-win solution for both the customer and the business. This tried-and-true feature makes it easy for customers to receive their regular supplements on schedule and is a sure way to increase customer value over time for the business.

Dynamic Search

Instead of sending users to a new page to search for items, we provided Hyland’s users with a dynamic search module directly on the home page that would quickly return items from a limited product catalog. This way, upon landing on the home page, users are readily equipped with an optimized search tool to find the appropriate products.

Mobile First

The Hyland’s website user experience was designed with a mobile-first approach to account for use practices in the modern digital shopping experience.

Mobile images

Component-Based Design System


We designed the entire site using reusable components that could be placed interchangeably across the site in any configuration. These components allowed for a swift and more manageable build.

design system

Shopify Plus for Optimized Speed

Shopify Plus to the Max

We rebuilt the entire site to support the new Shopify Plus 2.0 OS and our new design system.

Our engineering team implemented a page builder to make changes quickly and easily across the site and used Shogun to create an accessible A/B testing platform.

Together, this afforded the Hyland’s team more control and testing capabilities to equip them to make better content decisions.


Through virtual weekly meetings, we tracked our progress and provided strategic guidance as partners to our client. We owned the eCommerce deliverables and managed external teams to create ease of experience for the brand’s transformation. In doing so, we established a strong level of trust and were able to tailor results-driven solutions to Hyland’s unique set of needs.

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