Bringing the weight loss clinic experience online.

Bringing the weight loss clinic experience online.

California-based  Lindora Nutrition has equipped and empowered people on their journey to better health for over 45 years in over 30 weight loss clinics in southern California.

As a pioneer of the keto-based diet, Lindora continues to make a major impact on the lives of many. However, their existing site struggled to make the same impact as their clinics.

We partnered with the team at Lindora to reimagine their digital platform as a responsive, data-driven eCommerce experience to better guide and serve online customers.

Our Approach

To serve Lindora’s customers utilizing the site, we needed to understand their motivations and behaviors. User research and consumer interviews revealed a target audience from 30-60 years of age searching for a healthier lifestyle that didn’t require sacrificing the foods they enjoy.

We created user journeys that allowed these customers to self-select their desired transformations and receive curated recommendations based on their goals. Our aim was to ensure customers had confidence in both their purchase decision and the brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Lindora Customer
  • Personalization and Recommendation
  • Content Strategy
  • Increasing Lifetime Value
  • A Centralized Design System
  • Shopify Plus and Shogun

Understanding the Lindora Customer

Interviews and Prioritization

The onsite experience at Lindora’s clinics pairs customers with an expert to receive one-on-one guidance in selecting a program that matches their lifestyle. The digital experience lacked this personal, high-touch, high-impact result that in-person visits offered.

We utilized stakeholder and customer interviews, and user journey audits to map pain points and opportunities. This data helped us translate vital elements of the in-clinic experience into the digital service journey.

Personalization and Recommendation


Lindora offers a wide range of products to provide tailored solutions to their customer base. User research revealed that online customers needed support in making the best product choices aligned with desired outcomes.

With our goal to reimagine the digital experience to more closely resemble in-clinic support, we designed a custom quiz to input customer needs and provide personalized recommendations.

The results were connected to Hubspot to manage user preferences and provide the Lindora team with a sustained method of product recommendation.

Content Strategy

Landing Pages

The three types of users that came to Lindora for support were those interested in the keto diet, weight loss, and overall lifestyle transformation.

With this in mind, our design process started with designing, optimizing, and organizing these key landing pages to include the bulk of keywords and the site’s core content.

Lead With Data

During our content strategy workshops, we brought all data sources together to confirm our hypothesis and help prioritize the content most valuable to users.

Increasing Lifetime Value


We implemented a simple sign-up solution for recurring subscriptions, so users can get the products they need every month.


We built an easy way for customers to bundle products – a critical feature requested by existing customers.

A Centralized Design System

What Needed to Improve

Customers needed a visually compelling experience that prioritized their personal needs and increased the functionality and overall impact of the site.

We efficiently and comprehensively implemented our data-led redesign, shipping pages to engineers weekly with data results to support their tasks.

Shopify Plus and Shogun

Clean and Optimized

In order to improve engagement and reduce cart abandonment, we positioned our work toward developing a clean, efficient Shopify Plus experience.


The Lindora team was a pleasure to work with, especially amidst the pandemic. We established a successful remote partnership, meeting weekly via Zoom to collaborate with the internal team and relevant stakeholders.

"Blank & Co.’s commitment to the process was impressive. They hold to a data driven design process where the work is informed by research and analytics, which yielded the best user experience. Their team was always responsive, with a constant sense of urgency."

-Steve Patterson, Head of Marketing, Lindora Nutrition

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