Branding a radical platform for nonfiction storytelling.
Upend Now

Branding a radical platform for nonfiction storytelling.

UpendNow is an ambitious endeavor to change how nonfiction films are made and consumed. Where next-gen filmmakers, idea generators and documentary enthusiasts converge to create compelling real-world stories accessible to all viewers.

Blank & Co. was tasked to create an identity and brand voice for this new venture.

Brand Strategy

Blank & Co. embarked on an extensive branding campaign that started with strategy and voice and led into the visual identity.



Brand Philosophy

UpendNow can be a hero company for filmmakers and viewers alike long before films are even fully realized—a brand that becomes necessary in their vision, resonates more deeply in their lives, and exciting to root for.

Essence of the brand

Our process for defining brand characteristics began during brand discovery, through words and phrases verbalized by the founding team about the company they’re building.

Through further development and refinement, key themes surfaced and became qualities that distinguish the brand characteristics.

Brand Logo & Personality

Logo Clear Space

Our mark should have a minimum clearance of the height of our “H” and width of our “W” when used at size.

Logo Hyphenation

Our mark should never be hyphenated in alternate ways. In the examples — the first emphasizes on the words “EN” and “NOW” after the hyphenation, this creates a negative connotation. In the second example the letters “ND” and “NO” stack on top of one another, resulting in poor visual impact and readability.

Brand Color

Our primary color palette is dark green with lavender. We recommend using this palette on social media platforms, email, newsletters where the brand can assert its presence and personality.

Both colors are used interchangeably as needed to capture utmost legibility and contrast. On the brand website we recommend using a more minimal approach with black and white, with hints of the primary colors. This allows for the content to shine without the brand overpowering it.


Short Format

Short format copy should follow the assertive and symbiotic styles outlined below. This format may be used for social posts, ads, OOH, merchandise, and general brand collateral with minimum copy.

We use high contrast in scale and spacing, and combine our headline + caption styles set in uppercase with a central focal point.

The typesetting on the left is not a rule but a guideline. All sizes and spacing must be modified by the designer, so they can adapt to various use case scenarios.

Long Format

Long format copy in emails, newsletters, websites and other publications uses the guideline outlined below.